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Lex offers classes, workshops and training opportunities through Drop Zone Dance, a dance community she founded in 2021. To book, please visit


I came across Salsa N’Seattle on Class Pass when I was looking to take a hip hop class when I first moved to Seattle. I had such a great time! The people were so wonderful and welcoming and stuck a great balance between bringing anyone and everyone in and increasing the skill level of long time dancers. Drop Squad and Lex, who runs it, to be an amazing community especially for someone new to the city. Now 3 years later, they’re my dance family! Lex does a great job of making everyone included and inspiring you to get involved!

Lindsey M

I gradually started liking hip hop classes more and more (and a little more!), and I would attribute most of it to our hip hop instructor Lex Ramirez as she is a real gem! She is a very talented choreographer, dancer and teacher. She is a perfect mix! She makes the classes so enjoyable that you dont really feel like stopping. She knows how to challenge you, and at the same time not make you feel overwhelmed or stop having fun. I cant imagine that i grew from a beginner to become part of the hip hop performance group eventually!

Rajarshi S

I had never been interested in taking hip hop classes on a regular basis until I came here! I took one class for fun and just kept coming back because it was so enjoyable and approachable. I wound up joining the hip hop team because of Lex, who teaches there, made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Thanks to Lex and the team, I’ve been growing as a performer, choreographer (which I never thought I’d do), and much more (music editing, etc.). Feels like a community rather than just studio. Highly recommend!

Tara R

Lex is an excellent teacher who produces great choreo, teaches at a good pace, and really listens to and cares about her students. I actually ended up joining her performance crew ‘Drop Squad’, which has been a really fun and fulfilling experience where I’ve made many friends.

Richard H

The highlight of my experience would have to be Lex R’s instruction for hip hop. She is a talented choreographer who welcomes all skill levels to her classes. She’s patient with her instruction and very organized! She regularly sends out videos of her choreography broken down for us to follow.

Henna J

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